Description Whoever is satisfied with himself and with his body also conveys it in his body language. His presence is stronger, his posture is elegant and above all more positive. We feel more attractive and radiate a magnetism that makes the male pulsation rise. Body care plays a crucial role in our well-being. The range of body that we recommend presents products for all the requirements of the body.
For slender bodies, sharp curves and sensual, the range of body products, with highly concentrated and easily applied actives, make this care a special weapon for women.
Are they:
- Body Scrub;
- Cream reaffirmation bust and neckline;
- Stretch Mark Cream;
- Hand Care Cream;
- Moisturizing Body Cream;
- Vitaforce ACE Body Cream;
- Anti-cellulite cream;
- Tired Legs Cream.