Platinum Care

Description Platinum, one of the most precious and rare commodities in the world, is the representation of purest elegance and extraordinary luxury. This valuable metal was combined with powerful anti-aging substances to create the new and exclusive PLATINUM CARE line.
This unique complex is created from the combination of 3 premium substances: nano colloidal platinum particles, a high-tech peptide Synthe'6 ™ Matrixyl ™, and Persian silk tree extract. Platinum is one of the most valuable and rare commodities on the planet. The high-quality colloidal platinum gives skin care products the ability to promote a pleasant and silky sensation that seduces every application. Matrixyl ™ Synthe '6 ™ has the exceptional ability to fill wrinkles and smooth the surface of the skin. The wrinkles are filled from the inside and the density of the skin is continually strengthened in the long run. At the same time, the multifunctional extract of the Persian silk tree visibly reduces signs of fatigue, such as dark circles, swelling and other signs of fatigue - replacing them with a fantastic, rejuvenated and radiant look.
PLATINUM CARE is synonymous with pure luxury for the skin and is the precursor of a new era of anti aging care!